Hardwood floors are perfect for any room in your home or office

-Traditional or exotic woods         -Inlay Designs           -Borders.

Resand, Stain & Refinish
Restoration of aged and damaged hardwood floors Resand, stain and finish floors to change color of your hardwood floors

Buff & Recoat
A one-day process that involves buffing your floors and adding a brand new protective finish coat to make them look fresh and new

Lace-ins to repair holes in boards or damaged boards Repair areas where vents or other items were removed from floor area

Removal and disposal of tear out material and other items -- From floors, we can do it all!

Custom Works
- Inlay Vents                                   - Stair Work
- Basic & Custom Trim Work           - Railings
- Base                                            - Custom Staining
- Ballisters                                      - Reducers
- Bull Noses                                   - Window Framing